Executive management

We act on all project elaboration fronts starting from the definition of the activity schedule until, to the establishment of the physical-financial schedule, to the interface with sponsors, government entities and other agents involved.

Strategic planning

Assistance in defining an organizational identity of the cultural institution, aiming at its development and always bearing in mind its medium and long term sustainability.

Development of cultural projects creating a framework for (using) tax relief laws

Preparation and formatting of projects for public and private fundraising with the objective of enabling the production of cultural products, as well as events related to art and culture. Consulting for project development, with an emphasis on the definition of business models for cultural institutions.

Planning and management in cultural marketing

Investment advice in cultural marketing, including tax planning, compatible project search, drafting guidelines and sponsorship management.

Financial and accounting management

Approved budget planning and management, preparation of the disbursement spreadsheet, payment control and organization of accounting documents for accountability reporting.


Preparation of financial statements and balance sheets, specific reports and requirements. 

Copyright and intellectual property

Consulting, drafting contracts and terms of use, licensing and exhibition rights, registration, negotiation and study of conflicts for copyright protection. 

Legal advice 

Risk analysis, strategic counseling, artist and author representation in cases where precautionary or legal measures are required. 

National and international contracts

Drafting and review of contracts and permits (copyright and image rights), third-party rights risk analysis, contracting of specific insurance policies and temporary work permits.

Constructive potential 

Performing of the administrative procedure together with city hall to issue the Transfer of Constructive Potential Statement and advise on its sale to interested investor groups.

Administrative consulting

Administrative legal and tax support in compliance with tax relief laws and government agencies, especially with federal, state and municipal property protection agencies. 

Nonprofit entities

Legal and tax advice for implementation, legalization, analysis and drafting of specific contracts of nonprofit institutions. 

Competitions, awards and contests

Preparation for competitions, rules, terms of participation, documentation and conditions for transfer of award rights, cultural and promotional contests and selection processes of different nature. 

Lectures, courses and seminars

Development and holding of lectures, courses, classes and seminars on demand in the areas of law, executive management for culture and entertainment.